GOLDEN NEST... Its Time To Come Home
Golden Nest-Building Elevation

"From time immemorial the banyan tree has occupied pride of place amongst us. The fulfiller of wishes, it has earned itself many a revered sobriquet. It is said that over 10,000 men could be covered by a single tree."

The Golden Nest draws a striking similarity to this multifaceted wonder of nature. And is very much an embodiment of those amongst us who have reached a certain status in life. A status, marked as much by the summers we have seen as by a life lived in all its richness by giving, loving, being ever productive.

Golden Nest-Atrium

Golden Nest is a place after your own heart. A place to belong. One that offers physical, mental and spiritual well being. A place you can look forward to come home to, in every sense of the word. Where every minute detail has been catered for, where you could be least bothered about mundane chores and everyday routines.

Golden Nest-Reception

Its where dignity and independence is not compromised. Truly a place where senior citizens are masters in their own home. Excerpts from brochure of Golden Nest.