Mr. M H Dalal as the keynote speaker at the Australian Trade Delegations visit to Pune

~ Australian Business Week in India - Jan,2015

Exclusive insights about the Senior Living Industry from an icon.

Revelations of a Senior Living Pioneer - by MHDalal

~ Retirement Living World, India - Dec, 2014

Exclusive insights about the Senior Living Industry from an icon.

More comforts in elderly-friendly houses by MHDalal

~ Sakaal Times, Pune - October, 2014

According to Mr. Dalal, Founder and Chairman, ASLI (Association of Senior Living India), is trying to bring all senior citizen-friendly developers under one umbrella body. It has formulated a draft of model building by-laws which can make senior citizens housing more comfortable than the conventional apartments.

India a British Pensioners' Paradise?

~ Times News Network, London - February, 2012

Never mind train enquiries, banking and insurance. Britain could soon be off shoring to India its biggest business yet - the care of its fast ageing population.

Deborah Moggach's new book, These Foolish Things, published on Thursday, forecasts India as the hub of a global West-to-East trade in the elderly, with retirement homes for Britain's over-50 population in the cities like Pune, Bangalore and Ooty.

She may yet be proved right on outsourcing Old Age Care to India.

Golden Nest - Pune still a favoured home for Pensioners

February 2, 2012
~ Pune

Many would perhaps think twice before still referring to Pune as 'Pensioner's Paradise'. However, Pune still seems to be living up to its image of a haven for senior citizens.

Amiable climate, coupled with security, attracts many of those who wish to lead a quiet life, post retirement.

What also keeps these elders happy is the number of options available to keep themselves occupied.

Golden Nest - Living In Style

~ Good Living - Pune

The city has been witnessing a rise in the number of Service Apartments.

One of the most well-known among these service apartments is the 'Golden Nest' in Kalyani Nagar. It is one such facility which has been made exclusively for Senior Citizens.

Among the many facilities provided are an on call 24 hours Ambulance, tie up with a leading hospital where they have provided concession on all their medical bills, a physiotherapy clinic, a physician, etc.

The Age Factor

December 19, 2009
~ Times Property, Times of India - Lucknow

M H Dalal, CMD, M H Dalal Architects Pvt Ltd, says,
"The concept and ethos while designing a home for senior citizen should be such that it allows them to live independently with dignity. There are certain parameters, which need to be considered while designing.

A few of the physical parameters are that all edges and corners must be rounded as far as possible, the width of all doors should be adequate enough to make them wheelchair accessible, there should be a sliding bathroom door to facilitate easy movement, wide passageways, grip rails at strategic locations, no level difference in flooring, anti skid tiles, and switches placed at manageable levels, among other things."

Golden Nest-Pune is a preferred Residential Destination for Senior Citizens

May, 2006
~ Pune

In recent years, the Pune property market has become the preferred residential destination for Senior Citizens.

M H Dalal, CEO, Golden Nest Developers, emphasizes that the key advantage of such projects is the independence provided by the healthcare and security facilities, coupled with proximity to family members.

Golden Nest Perfect Place for Elderly

February 10, 2006
~ Eastside Plus - Pune

"Let live your life and forget your age." This inspirational saying proves to be aptly precise for the Senior Citizens, who seem to be living in an era where life's best phase can be treasured to the maximum.

Speaking to the brainchild behind this concept is Mansoor Dalal, CEO, Golden Nest, who said we are living in an era where youngsters succumb to pressure to find time with their parents.

With architectural and interior decoration designs on the characteristics of a banyan tree which according to Dalal epitomizes age, wisdom and enlightenment and shelter.

Senior Citizens find Convenience and Company in Tailor-Made Housing

~ Wanted Space - Pune

Senior Citizens are enthused about getting their own space and bonding with people their own age.

M. H. Dalal, CEO, Golden Nest, says a large number of the younger populations, especially the IT sector, are on the move. IT is not always convenient for senior members of the family to move with them. Since the IT sector has also led to a rise in the spending power of the youngsters, they do not mind investing in a secure and lively home for their parents, he said.

Walk in, Don't Walk out.. Golden Nest

April 9, 2005
~ Express Estates, Indian Express - Pune

In the maternal world, first impressions matter. When you walk into a building, its lobby is the first space that you notice.

The architect Mr. M H Dalal, CMD, M H Dalal Architects Pvt Ltd, has desinged the lobby keeping in mind an additional measure of comfort that it can provide to its Seniors along with creating a lasting impression on visitors.

The Perfect Nest

June 6, 2003
~ Times of India - Pune

The Ganapati Netralaya, a state-of-the-art eye centre in Aurangabad, is the work of renowned architect M H Dalal. Dalal has combined contemporary and medical needs to create this amazing structure. And now driven by his need to develop a commune for Senior Citizens, Dalal has joined hands with other constructions for his latest project - The Golden Nest.

"The Golden Nest, as the name suggests is a place which provides for a nest(a secure life) within the proximity and environs of every day living," Dalal tells us.

Golden Nest: A commune for Seniors

June 4, 2003
~ Maharashtra Herald - Pune

Golden Nest is an exclusive commune, the first of its kind, for senior citizens with provision of all amenities suited to the need, temperament and requirement of elderly persons.

"A lot of forethought and planning has gone into this commune designed specially for senior citizens", says M H Dalal director and CEO of 'Golden Nest' and a leading architect and interior designer of the city.

Sheltering Senior Citizens

May, 2003
~ Business Barons - Pune

A Non-Resident Indian may no longer worry about the health and security of his elderly parents back home, particularly for those working abroad.

Speaking about Golden Nest, as the commune has been euphemistically named,
M H Dalal director and CEO, says, "This commune aims at helping Senior Citizens live with dignity and honour in a home of their own, free from all the hassles elders have to face.

The design, structured landscape and living spaces have been visualised to create a protective environment to help senior citizens live in tranquillity and pursue a lifestyle comparable to that enjoyed by them in the past."

'Golden Nest' for pensioners

May 22, 2003
~ The Hindu Business Line - Pune

The people behind the project are ensuring with this project that senior citizens get a space of their own "Where they have a protective environment where they can lie in tranquility with a lifestyle comparable to that they enjoyed during their prime," said Mr. M. H. Dalal, Director and CEO of Golden Nest.

Events The Nest - Senior Citizen Homes at Bhopal

October, 2012
~ Dainik Bhaskar - Bhopal

There is an acute need for Seniors with a need for medical care. But developers would rather not work in projects that require increased amount of service.

The Nest - Senior Citizen Homes at Bhopal
October, 2012
~Dainik Bhaskar, Bhopal
There is an acute need for Seniors with a need for medical care. But developers would rather not work in projects that require increased amount of service.