To create a full spectrum of Seniors Housing Facilities, for Seniors.

With a safe and rewarding lifestyle in a residence they are proud to call home. Complete spectrum of senior's housing - from Independent Living, to Retirement Homes to full-serviced long-term care facilities, to help today's seniors through all phases of their retirement years.


Demographic Pattern of the Elderly
  • Persons 60 years and older constitute the fastest growing age group in the world.
  • The world's population is ageing monthly by about one million persons.
  • Over 70 per cent of the elderly will live in developing countries like India.
  • The population aged 60 plus in India in 1995 was 59.93 million.
  • It is projected to grow to 137.35 million by 2020.
  • 50 per cent of the elderly persons will be in urban areas.

Socio Economic Factors
  • Traditionally family ties in India, which have been very strong are now changing because of Socio-economic factors.
  • Changing roles and expectations of couples in nuclear families, their concepts of privacy and space, desire not to be encumbered by caring responsibilities of old people for long periods, career ambitions, and employment at different and frequently changing locations, implies considerably reduced time for care giving.
  • Demand for retirement housing has never been stronger, driven by an aging population, increased life expectancy, and a marketplace that is wealthier and more informed than ever before.

Status Of Senior Citizens
  • Instead of being masters and mistresses in their own home, they play a secondary role, often that of a housekeeper, tutor or a baby-sitter, restraining their social life.
  • Domestic help becomes increasingly difficult to get.
  • Changing roles and expectations of women in nuclear families, their concepts of privacy and space, desire not to be encumbered by caring responsibilities of old people for long periods, career ambitions, and employment outside the home implies considerably reduced time for care giving.
  • The position of single persons, particularly females, is very vulnerable in old age.
  • Transportation is a problem.
  • Physical and financial strain maintaining a home increases with time.
  • Recreational opportunities become few and far between.
  • In an emergency, immediate help may not be always available.
  • Most important of all, in these troubled times, is the personal safety of the elderly couple.


Existing Facilities For Senior Citizens
  • The existing residential facilities for senior citizens are 'Old People Homes' set up and managed by government or charitable and non-profit organizations.
  • The standard of such facilities is quite low.
  • These homes are, therefore, perceived as shelters for rejects of the society.
  • Health care for the elderly is not available as integral part of the old peoples' homes.

Potential Demand, Market & Business Opportunities
  • The demographic shift and changes in caring for the elderly points to a huge potential market in India that, so far, has not been exploited.
  • The immediate growth potential is large since at present, facilities for senior living and health care are practically non-existent.
  • The middle income group living in urban areas have hardly any facilities available that will fully satisfy their needs and provide quality living and health care.
  • This group has immediate and continuing needs and also has a capacity to pay for accommodation and services on commercial terms.
  • Low profit, but large market volume and growth potential will provide attractive return on investment.


  • To create a protective environment, where Sr. Citizens can live in tranquility.
  • To create infrastructure, which specifically caters to the physical, mental and spiritual, needs of the residents.
  • To design Areas, Structures, Landscape, Living Spaces etc, which are friendly and suitable for the aged.
  • To locate this complex within the proximity of Large cities, so that they can keep in touch with their present set of Friends, Relatives and Social Lifestyles.
  • To have primary medical facilities Close to the complex.
  • Providing lifestyle fully comparable to that enjoyed by the residents in the past, preserving their dignity and independence. Ensuring comfort, privacy and security.
  • Facilitating social interaction and harmonious companionship between the Residents.

Types Of Facility

All across the world there are 5 types of Senior Citizens Communes

    Here the resident lives like in any other apartment scheme except here the daily chores of housekeeping etc. is taken care of by a facility management Company. Meals are available as an option
    All of the above except that the living units, be it studio, 1 BR or 2 BR are on monthly rent. Meals are inclusive in the rent.
    All of the above including some sections of the centre have facilities for residents who require 24 hrs assistance in terms of medication, daily upkeep, etc.
    All facilities of Assisted living except some sections of the centre have facilities for specialty care. These section are isolated and have their own staff, kitchen, recreation and living areas.
    These centers are only clubbed with assisted living and specialty care centers and do not have facility for independent living or enriched living.